LIFE: 5 Principles

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Below is a post written by the worlds #7 Leadership Teacher. He is the worlds greatest community builder/net worker, and he, and TEAM are changing the country for the better, one person at a time. Please take time to read this great man’s article and see what he’s trying to accomplish in America. People who try to change the status quo will always be attacked by the establishment. When someone changes the rules of an industry, especially two of them like we’re doing, the giants of those industries will retaliate. They will be forced to change and adapt to the new rules, and they will do whatever they can to try and stop this progress. When the status quo is threatened the people in control (those who currently suppress us) retaliate with lies and propaganda. They will slander, make up false information, take things out of context and try to discredits the real revolutionaries with little or no understanding and no facts or results to back them up.  If someone who has no results, an unsuccessful, negative failure, that has nothing better to do than try to stop people who are actually trying to solve the real issues of our society, spit their ignorance into the masses, and society eats it up without question, then you can see our problem. Our elected officials, leaders, get into office this way. The masses  unquestionably eat up the lies and propaganda they have been spoon fed. We propose that people do a little more searching for the truth before they become another pawn in the dumbing down of society and the continuation of  our loss of freedoms, our loss of America. Think for yourself, America will benefit from it. Learn truth and the world will benefit from it.

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.”- Mahatma Gandhi.

My partnership with Dallin Larsen has been a God-send to me. He believes in the dream to reach millions of people and has provided a green light to build LIFE. For a new person, if money isn’t an issue, then MonaVie products can be purchased in the fitness category immediately; however, if money is a constraint, then instead of having nothing to offer him, we can bring him into LIFE until we turn his finances around, eventually making the fitness category affordable for him. This is a true win-win partnership for both companies and why I respect Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year Dallin Larsen so much.

Maybe, I am mistaken. Perhaps LIFE isn’t the answer for this profession, but I do believe as an American, I have a right to discover this for myself. For anyone to assume that I launched Life to pad my bank account, he must either be living in a hole somewhere or have an agenda. It would have been much easier for me to surrender my dream and keep my money, but the vision refused to die. The TEAM leaders dreamed of an opportunity to change this industry, and we have paid dearly for the opportunity do so. This is not the actions of a money-hungry mob, but instead, a vision-oriented leadership group on its way to one million people.

Here are the five fixes proposed to change the rules of Networking forever:

First, Chris Brady and I wrote the Wall Street Journal and New York Times best seller Launching a Leadership Revolution. The book is used extensively by top corporate leaders. I receive emails monthly from leaders who are teaching the book’s materials into corporate America. We realized that our leadership materials were world-class, not surprising, since we had to to build communities, despite the anchor of high-priced products. Since this book, both Chris and I have received numerous awards for our leadership blogs, twitter accounts, and online presence, recently commended as two of the Top 30 leadership gurus in the world. Indeed, LIFE is the only company with two Top 30 Leadership Gurus. For the first time in our Networking careers, we had products already in demand in the marketplace, since our leadership materials were selling briskly to customers already.

Second, by thoroughly reviewing the leadership field, we identified the pricing strategies of every major leadership supplier. Leadership CD’s ranged from a low of $12 to over $50 per CD on the high end. Because the TEAM is building and serving communities everyday, we are constantly learning and growing in the field of leadership, ensuring our information never becomes dated or out of touch. Simply stated, LIFE will be the lowest cost provider of the highest quality leadership material in the marketplace, period. No ifs, ands, or buts, about it. New members of LIFE can get started own their own business for under $150 which includes the first leadership materials. Through investing as little as $50 per month for personal development, he is fully qualified for bonuses. Instead of the $200, $300, sometimes as high as $600 a month in purchases, we are bringing Network Marketing to the people, at a price that they can afford. On top of this, if a member or even a customer, refers three other people as customers, his personal leadership subscription will be FREE!  After LIFE launches, Network Marketing will be affordable for everyone. Where in the history of networking has a company launched with the proven top quality products, from recognized leaders in the field, all at the lowest price? Has this ever happened before? It will on November 1, 2011.

Third, by taking the best quality, lowest price, and adding the most lucrative compensation plan in the history of network marketing, one can quickly see why LIFE will be world-changing. With the benchmark compensation plans currently running around 50% of revenues, what would happen if a company, which was less concerned about it’s bottom line, and more concerned about helping people get financially free, were to release a marketing plan that started at 70% of every revenue dollar paid back to field leaders in bonuses. How is this possible? Simply put, each of the owners of LIFE has committed to make his money through leading communities, not by riding on his ownership shares. This is revolutionary because it brings field leadership to networking ownership with the goal to change people lives, not become billionaires. We studied leadership, because we experienced first hand the effects that leadership delivers into a person’s life, we intend to pay this blessing forward. In fact, a 70% payout is over twice as much money flowing to the community leaders as many of the top compensation plans in networking today. Don’t forget this is on top of MonaVie’s top notch compensation plan. As the LIFE business grows, I intend to go even higher. Can you imagine, receiving an un-promised and unexpected LIFE profit-sharing check for tens of thousand of dollars, all because LIFE is thriving financially?  I can, and intend to make this vision a reality.  

Fourth, the TEAM, with nearly 15,000 plus people attending seminars monthly, either live or through streaming video, the TEAM’s reach and scope is expanding monthly. LIFE Founders and leaders of the caliber of Chris Brady, Tim Marks, Claude Hamilton, George Guzzardo, Bill Lewis, and Dan Hawkins, each personally lead communities of thousands of people. If someone desires to learn leadership, I do not believe there is a better community to learn from anywhere in North America. Since 1999, we have been perfecting our craft, building numbers and building leaders. Because the Team is a performance-based culture, 100% of the profits remaining after expenses are flowed back to the field leaders who qualify as directors. Unlike most training companies, where a few keep all profits, we designed a fair system to reward the leadership team that builds the TEAM. No special deals period, everything is based upon numerical performance. What other training company can say that? Indeed, to my knowledge, TEAM is the only zero profit training company in the marketplace.  Anyone who builds a community through serving others can become a Director, helping to train new leaders and be rewarded for doing so. In addition, thanks to the lucrative compensation plan associated with LIFE, the majority of a person’s income will come from the MLM, not the training system. The bigger the community the bigger the leader must be. Building large numbers requires grace, to love people where they are at, long enough for them to want to get better. However, no community is perfect. When issues arise, we have a culture that teaches conflict resolution, gaining “teachable moments,” from every issue, making each leader grow and improve. This is a TEAM difference.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone in Network Marketing, I have met some of my best friends inside and outside of the TEAM. In the West’s current leadership crisis, who knows but some of the top networking leaders will stand up and do something about it.  Many Americans and Canadians citizens are weary of more Big Governments solutions to the problems facing us. Maybe it’s time for communities to grow solving these issues through social power, not State power. LIFE is a plan for citizens to join together, improving ourselves so we can improve our communities, ultimately improving the world.  By combining world-class credibility, compensation, and community together, all at the lowest cost/price, we have designed the 4C’s for your success. If a person chooses to believe rumor, hearsay, and popular opinion, then all I can say is good luck and God bless you. But if a person is truly looking for an opportunity, an opportunity that the LIFE leaders invested millions to gain the freedom to offer, then your journey has ended. Welcome to the LIFE TEAM, and your destiny. It’s time to move on to 1 million people, what part will you play? Sincerely, Orrin Woodward


Not for Those who Enjoy Being Deceived

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It amazes me at the blatant bias of the main stream media. They choose to either misquote, misconstrue, or mainly exclude the real presidential front-runner from their reports (we’ll call them reports, even though it’s more fiction). They choose to omit the polls, which Ron Paul is winning, and that’s nearly every single one, or they make up their own to suit the candidate they (the establishment) wants to force on the American people as their only option. Like Faux News. They have no problem creating a poll without Dr. Paul even on the ballot, just so they don’t have to worry about him dominating it. Of course, even if they did create one with him on it they could do what their partner and crime CNN did and flat-out lie about the results, as do ALL the major media outlets, with the exception of Mr. John Stewart at the Daily Show (as you will see in the video at the end of my piece)

If you don’t understand the word bias let me give you a recent example. Iowa currently had a straw poll to see who would be a likely candidate for the Presidency. Ron Paul came in 2nd place by a mere 1% of the vote. With virtually NO media attention. He placed 2nd to a Tax Loving IRS Goon who goes under the guise of being a Constitutionalist, yet continually Votes Against the Constitution, and thinks that people she thinks her God hates, (should God and Hate even be in the same sentence?) for instance, gay people, choose to be gay. And she doesn’t mind using YOUR tax dollars to try to convince them that they’re not gay. And Dr.Paul did this in her own back yard where she was bound to get a lot of votes! (she gave away 6,000 FREE tickets and still only got 4,800 votes!). And between the 2 of them they held over 55% of the total votes, with the next closest runner having a measly 14% . Despite this essential tie between an establishment pawn and a supposed “Fringe” candidate who actually has the track record to back up what he says, 30+ years worth, The next day in the media Ron Paul’s name was nowhere to be heard. But you heard plenty about candidates who had 2% or 14%. That’s BIAS folks.

Now you see reports on establishment favorites like Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry all of a sudden saying the things that ONLY Ron Paul has been saying for DECADES, like the Fact that the FED is the main cause (with the exception of government interference which Ron also points out) of our economic woes and inflation. They’re not the only ones, now you’ve got the world government loving Newt Gingrich spitting out, almost word for word, what Dr. Paul has been saying for years. How many of these Neo Cons have introduced legislation to do anything to the Federal Reserve? NONE. Ron Paul Has. Where’s the report on that? Heck, you even have candidates like Herman Cain who worked for the FED as a chairman!

It’s amazing how these candidates and the establishment (status quo) FEAR Dr.Paul because they know fully well that he will actually bring real change, the change we need, to America and eventually the world. They will do everything in their power to manipulate, misinform and control you, so that you vote for THEIR candidate, all the while making you believe that you actually wanted to, or you had a choice.

We’ve been called idiots, crazies and even terrorist. I submit that the people who go along with and vote in accordance with what we have had for the last 12 years are the crazy idiots who are terrorising America, and the rest of the world. The choice has NEVER been so simple. Look at the facts and records, and stay away from the media, otherwise you lose your right to cry about the situation. There is only one person who can right the wrong our government and our ignorance have bestowed on our country. You won’t hear it on your morning news or read it in your daily propaganda, but just ask any true Freedom loving American and they’ll tell you, it’s Ron Paul.

The Points Someone With a “Obama 2012” Bumper Sticker Would Make to Justify their Vote

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So how bout’ this Barry Obama guy? Didn’t you hear, he’s doing great things for America and turning it around from what that awful hillbilly did.

What I love about him most is that in no way does he have almost identical policies to that hillbilly. I know this because I pay attention, to my t.v., and also my neighbor, who is wicked smart because he has a degree, plus he reads the New York Times, and New York’s the biggest city in our country so it’s probably full of smart people that can write what they want and I bet there’s a lot of good stuff to learn in there.

I think it’s great that he’s making this backwards country more European (Didn’t the founders want to call this place Little Britain or something?), and promising to give us what only a government can give us, like jobs, healthcare, better state controlled education, paved roads, electricity, food, money, freedom, liberty and order, just like that guy did in West Germany in the 1930s.

And he can do all of that plus more while balancing a checkbook and playing golf… a lot. This is great too. With just a few words from his lips he can make those greedy capitalist who invested their slave labor dollars in the stock market lose hundreds of points ( Billions of dollars) in a day just by uttering nonsense out of his Hawaiian mouth. And that just shows how bad ass and rich he is because he was nice enough to bail most of them out with his own money just a little while ago, and he didn’t mind loosing it to teach those pecker heads a lesson!

I like how he has never started a war, like the those damn republicans did, and he is helping that country Libya with the conflict its having. I think he’s also helping Somalia right now too. No democrats would ever do such a thing like vote for or start a war. He in fact ended the war in Iraq just like his campaign promise. Yes ha, he said so right before he got his Nobel Peace Prize and just after he sent 50,000 troops to Afghanistan to nation build with his own money. Not to mention all of the money he gives to all of those foreign countries out of his own pocket. He’s so benevolent and rich that not only does he help countries that will do whatever we tell them, or have something we want, but he’ll give even more money and A.I.D.s to their enemies. The guys just like a freakin’ saint!

I think it’s super important that he listens to the United Nations, because they know whats best for our country and the world. I mean with how good our government has treated us and how much its created and given to us, Doesn’t it make so much sense just to have one big world government? Wouldn’t that help bring food and freedom to the poor and rid the world of hatred and war? Wow, I literally just saw white doves flying over a rainbow when I wrote that. Just thinking about how great a world government would be makes me smile! I’m sure you will too if you keep paying attention to the media plus drink your public drinking water, because they add really good stuff in there to make you smarter. Like heavy metals and fluoride. My dentist is smart and he uses fluoride all day!

I also like how he tells that government agency the Federal Reserve (I know its a government agency because it says so in the name. OBV’s!) To print more money making all of the poor and middle class more rich. Plus it helps us pay off our debt that that hillbilly gave us. If only those stupid Libertarians would shut up about trying to End The Fed, they are so stupid. I think they’re terrorist. They shoot guns and hate taxes, and their leader is some looney toon who is always wrong about everything, Ron Paul. What kind of name is that? I mean the guy has 2 first names, he’s obviously a right wing fascist weirdo. I know I’m richer from stimulus and Quantitative Easing. I know because economist run the FED and they said that it is so, and you just don’t doubt a educated man, just like you don’t doubt government. They taught us that in school. And my teacher was educated, so you know what they taught me was right too.

I think its great that he’s tidying up government by making it more centralized, and taking away those stupid states rights. It’s so much easier to run a business from one location. Plus I think someone with a law degree would automatically know whats best for every state, more so than the people in that state. Could you imagine the chaos and poverty that we must of had before FDR, like a thousand years ago when America wasn’t so great? FDR was Barry’s grand dad for those of you that don’t read the Huffington Post. Which you should because it doesn’t get much more Americana than that. I mean the chick that started it is a republican from Europe. FDR was the savior of America during the depression. I know that too because I learned it in a public school. He also did a lot of really great things to help grow our government and make us like France. It’s obvious that Barry learned a lot from him.

Oh, and I almost forgot, fortunately this heat has me sweating so I remembered. He’s the only guy who can stop global warming because he knows Al Gore, and Scientist have always historically been right, and there’s no way that their data could be manipulated to be used to scare people into buying certain products or allowing certain taxes to be forced on things like AIR. Again, those stupid Libertarians and their crazy ideas like there is no global warming, or if there was it could be caused by a ball of fire 100 times bigger than the earth that they would conveniently call “The Sun”, or they take facts released by CERN and NASA that refute global warming and take them out of context by saying that CERN and NASA have released data that they found proof that refutes global warming.

Government is good and oil companies and car companies (except GM) are bad, plus people who breath to heavily. They should pay more in taxes. Government didn’t pave all of those roads, millions of miles of them, ripping up, tearing down wilderness, killing trees just so your idiot face can drive all over them. DUH!

I don’t see why we can’t just hire him for life. Some one told me it had something to do with the United States Constipation, but I didn’t really understand all that shit. So I guess all I can say is that you would have to be a complete moron not to vote for Obama in 2012.

Peace, Love and Recycle,

Joe Stalin, Super Enlightend Voter

ElLiberal Libtardo, California

More Unconstitutional Force that Plagues America

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Any government force in the free market no longer makes it a free market. That being said all employers (business’s) are forced to comply with minimum wage laws. So I guess what we have here in America, the land of the free, isn’t much of a free market at all. We can yet again thank FDR for forcing another unconstitutional, freedom infringing plague on America. In this well written article you will learn about how minimum wage laws are completely unconstitutional and have, like almost every government program, a completely adverse effect from their original intent on our country. I would like to also point out a part about how minimum wage laws are in a great part the reason for high health care costs. This isn’t covered in Mr. Underwood’s article, but you can learn a little more about that and how government destroy’s our economy and steals our liberties here.

This isn’t me, along with many other advocates for abolishing minimum wage, being greedy, selfish or cold-hearted. Like most of my Leftist friends label me as being. Quite the opposite. Sometimes one needs to look a little deeper than the surface to find the true heart of things. Please take time to read and understand how minimum wage actually hurts more than it helps. Enjoy!  Minimum Wage- The Triple Sin of Statism

Want to learn more about how I screwed you over? Click my face

The Most you Deserve is a Peace Out Prize

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Dear president Ohbomber,
You stated in your 07′ presidential campaign that the first thing you would do if elected would be to pull our troops and end the wars. But you didn’t. Then some people figured you needed to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Practically the day after that you went ahead and deployed 50,000 young men and women to risk their lives and further occupy Afghanistan. I’m pretty sure that is the exact opposite of bringing our troops home and ending the war. Not only that, but you also left upwards of 50,000 troops in Iraq Indefinitely

Play it forward about a year. Now you, with your empirical powers, which somehow excludes everyone but you to judge, without due process, or many other moral and legal means, ordered the assassination of a legal U.S born citizen to be carried out on foreign soil nowhere near a war zone by the C.I.A. Now I’m no constitutional lawyer like yourself, but I have enough knowledge and sense to know that’s not only wrong, but illegal.
Ironically though when asked about President Bush’s unlawful “detainment”, not “murder”, of people…. Well how did that go again?

“Does the Constitution permit a president to detain US citizens without charges as unlawful enemy combatants?”

[Constitutional law man Obama]:  “No. I reject the Bush Administration’s claim that the President has plenary authority under the Constitution to detain U.S. citizens without charges as unlawful enemy combatants.”

So you do agree to unlawfully hold them is against our law, the constitution. But it’s perfectly fine to just unlawfully kill them as long as you, the supreme ruler, issue it?

Moving forward a year or so later you decide to start another war, unconstitutionally, with yet another country that is in a desert filled with oil. One that most Americans never knew existed nor had they ever heard the name Libya, with the exception of a few dyslexic people who thought it was the name for a part of the female anatomy. Another war, or “conflict”; you say “tomato”  I say “tamato”.  Another WAR, even though we’re in a long, government created, government prolonged recession, nearly $14.3 trillion in debt and about to default as a nation, a new war that has already cost Americans close to a trillion dollars. Not to mention more innocent lives.

Moving right along. After we killed Osama for the second time, you still have tens of thousands of our troops occupying, unconstitutionally, dying needlessly, a desert thousands of miles away from their homes. A war waged from the deaths of just under 3,000 Americans. All wars that since have taken the lives or badly wounded over 10,000 American soldiers, and over 1.5 million innocent Iraqis, Afghanis and Libyans. Wars that you either continued or yourself started, wars that you could end, wars that have cost us trillions, all of it Unnecessarily. Now that the deadline for withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan is coming up it seems that you have your sites on good ol’ Pakistan… And on and on we go.

I wonder what the people whom decided you deserved a prize, especially a peace prize, would do if they paid attention to your track record for the last 4 years. Would they Change their minds? Are the still caught up in the hype?

You stated at the acceptance of your peace prize that sometimes, which sometimes now seems more like often with you, “Force is acceptable to achieve peace.” Perhaps this phrase will resonate with you Comrade,

“Bombing for Peace is like Fucking for Virginity”

The use of force does not bring about peace. It almost always does the opposite.Violence begets violence begets more violence and so on and so forth. Read a history book. It seems every time we remove an enemy two more appear… It’s a vicious, never ending cycle.

There was never, in its entire history, a suicide bombing in Iraq until we occupied it. Most every country that we occupy and impose our rule on in the middle east has an increase in terrorist attacks, and it’s no coincidence when it happens as many time as it has.  Lebanon, in just 4 years in the 80’s had  41 suicide attacks, which stopped when we pulled out our forces. Many could raise the argument that Osama bin Laden could have never built al Qaeda to the level he had without the motivation from the hatred of us occupying and policing their land. It was our modern-day, unconstitutional, foreign policy that trained him, armed him, and then fueled his fire to attack us. I’ll never justify terrorism, but that’s not to say we should feed the fire then pour gas on ourselves and not take part of the blame. Our founders warned against the same policy that we now implement over sea’s and their message was quite clear, that we were not to intervene in other countries business, and that our military was only to be used if we were attacked.

“Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none.” – Thomas Jefferson

I don’t take anything from that quote that says, “Intervene”, “Police”, “Murder”, or “Force Democracy”.

I gave you just a few instances from our not so long ago past, yet you, and most of our government choose to ignore, or are ignorant to America’s military/ Foreign interventionist history. It’s really simple, If you don’t want to wake the sleeping bear then stay out of its den.

Perhaps you should hand over your prize to someone who deserves it.         

Quit Bitching about the Smoke When Americas Burning all around you!

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I’m glad that I live in a state, no, a country that the media and other fools will willingly waste time on issues that have absolutely no importance to anyones lives, like for instance, say a mural being removed from a public place that 99% of the people never knew of its existence, nor if they did know of it prior to its removal would they of  given a rats ass about it. But now, because of bitterness or an ignorant/bias political belief and the need to be part of the hip majority of clowns, they all of a sudden have tons of (media fed) opinions about it. Not that it’s of any relevance to what’s really going on out there. If their foolish anger, which they probably don’t even understand why they have, isn’t bad enough, they say it loud and on a massive scale for all of the drift wood (people who just go along with whatever they hear) to soak up and retain.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Not only that, but they’ll waste their morning reading about it in their (bias/opinionated) major source of garbage, they’ll then spend their afternoon debating (hah) and bad mouthing the whole intellectually challenged issue with the holier than thou belief of being a superior intellectual! Hah! What Irony. Hah!
Then, at night (and this is how ignorance prays on the young feeble mind)  they’ll talk more about the issue and other mundane irrelevant things with their family and thus the cycle is assured to continue another day via another generation of zombies.

These same intellects would be doing themselves, their families and this country a great justice if they would spend all of that time wasted on benign issues and hypocrisy and revert that time into learning something of importance.

For example of all of the people who waste life on these circus clown issues how many do you think know what the U.S. Deficit is?
How many know that every single U.S citizen no matter if they’re your new-born coming into this world or your great granddad on his way out would have to cough up $46,000?
How many know that our debt is INCREASED by over $4.08 BILLION everyday?
How many of you understand this debt is crushing us and making us go backwards, hence the word “Debt”?
How many know this is a big problem?
How many know our president, as ones before him have broken the constitution, and members of congress do it daily?
How many know that’s the one thing they’re sworn, under oath, to protect?
How many know it’s their ONLY job to uphold the constitution?
How many know we’re entering another (3rd) war, unconstitutionally?
How many know how much we (taxpayers) spend on just one?
How many know that connects directly to our faltering economy despite what their television tells them?
How many understand the concept of theft, is taking from one by force and giving to another, whether done by a school yard bully the mafia or your government?
How many understand this is how our government is used?
How many understand socialism/communism honestly?
How many understand the difference between free market capitalism (the one that made America great) and crony capitalism ie (corporatism, socialism, bailouts)  basically everything you see the media and the left blame as Real capitalism today?
How many can name just two amendments from the Bill of Rights?
How many know government jobs now make up more than 50% of our economy?
How many know that the average government employee makes (takes) more than double what a private sector employee EARNS?
How many know that the only way the government creates money for these employees, wars , welfare benefits, “quantitive easing” 1- infinity at this rate, stimulus, bailouts, every single program they create (even the law-abiding constitutional ones) comes from the people in the private sector, the one that PAYS for 100% of U.S. Jobs (private and public) yet makes up less than 50% of the producing (private) jobs in our economy and makes 50% less than the non producing public sector (government) which does not and cannot possibly create wealth without stealing it from the private sector?
Do you know what this means?
Do you know how to do math?
Can you figure out the addition and subtraction of what I just said?
Do you see that we cannot keep up at this pace, that if the public sector is larger than and steals more than the private sector can create, that we will be in even bigger trouble?
Do you understand the saying, “the problem with socialism is that eventually you run of other people’s money” now?
How many see that these are the important issues, that, if you actually want to have something to bitch about, and try to have a real intellectual conversation at the coffee shop, you should be discussing, (I can give you tons more)?

If you don’t, you are the real underlying problem, and its time to wake up and smell the truth.

You Thought the Last One Sucked!

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Here’s a quick poem about the new tyrant we have in office. Enjoy!

“The last man nearly ruined this place
He didn’t know what to do with it –
If you think this country’s bad off now,
Just wait ’til I get through with it!

…The country’s taxes must be fixed
And I know what to do with it –
If you think you’re paying too much now
Just wait till I get through with it!” -You Know Who